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Friday, March 14, 2014

Relational Aggression: Spot it, stop it!

Too many "experts" say that children should not feel shame when they hurt someone. But many of us know that when one doesn't feel shame, it is due to a lack of conscience. Is that what we really want--a child who feels no remorse or shame? When those children grow up they often abuse their partners or children. They are sometimes known as sociopaths, psychopaths, or narcissists.

After being involved in anti-bullying for many years now, I see a lot of what constitutes bullying, or relational aggression. Everyone knows it is harmful. Bullies are many times more likely to commit crimes before age 24, and victims are susceptible to many problems, physical and emotional: cutting, depression, lack of interest in education and life, suicidal thoughts or actions.

Yet, for all the press on what bullying is an what relational aggression is, there is precious little out there on what to DO about it! Many expensive programs are difficult and time consuming to implement. They are often watered down, or forgotten about in short order.

It does NOT have to be hard or expensive! That's why I've written this short (41 pages, estimated) ebook for parents, schools, and organizations.

Relational Aggression: Spot it, stop it!

Practical and commonsense, and ideas that you can start today!

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